Memorials, Gifts and Donations


The Williamson County Public Library, WCPLtn, is grateful for the donation of books and other materials, as well as monetary gifts. Your donations help to enhance the collection beyond our budgetary capabilities.

Gifts accepted for addition to the Library's collection become the property of the Library and will be placed where most appropriate. 

Materials that cannot be utilized are transferred to the Friends of the WCPL, a non-profit organization, for use in their quarterly book sales. The proceeds from the sales are used to support the WCPL's mission and programs, and to enhance the Library's collections.

Memorial Program

Contributions in "honor" and in "memory" of individuals and families may be made at all branch libraries. Please consider donating to the library to honor your friend or loved one.

Larger contributions may be designated to make ongoing purchases of materials or to purchase furnishings or other equipment. Please note that these items will not carry a donor plate.

image memorial book
  • A $20 gift will purchase an individual book in which is placed a gift plate listing the names of both the donor and the honoree. The library also sends a notice of the gift to the family of the person in whose honor or memory the book is given.
  • The donor may specify a subject.
  • Contributions of less than $20 are placed in the Enrichment Fund and used cumulatively to purchase larger and more expensive materials.
  • Call 615-595-1242, ext 4, for assistance with your memorial contribution Tuesday through Saturday 9 am until 4 pm.


All book, audiobook and movie donations must be in a bag or box. Staff may not remove loose items from the backseat or trunk of a vehicle.

WCPLtn staff may not appraise the value of donated materials, but we will be happy to supply you with a receipt in acknowledgement of your gift. Staff is not responsible for counting donated materials. If you would like a receipt, please provide us with the number of donated items.

Donations are accepted at:

Main Library - at the service entrance in the rear of the building Monday through Friday from 9 am- 3:00 pm
Branches - Tuesday-Saturday during Library hours.

The Library can accept:

  • Books in like-new or good condition
  • DVDs
  • Music CDs
  • Audio books--CD format only
  • Software -- 5 years old or newer
  • Local history and genealogy titles
  • Text books 5 years old or newer
  • Reference Books -- 5 years old or newer

The Library cannot accept:

  • Magazines, annual cookbooks (Southern Living, etc.)
  • Home recorded audio-visual materials
  • Textbooks more than 5 years old
  • Encyclopedias more than 5 years old
  • Books with outdated information
  • Books with broken spines
  • Books with loose or torn covers
  • Books with a damaged cover
  • Books excessively marked by pens, pencils, crayons or highlighters
  • Books with stains from mold, water-damage, mildew, grease, or food-stains
  • Books covered with pet hair
  • Books with bug infested odors
  • Books with the smell of mold or smoke or other environmental causes
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