My Reading History

My Library Account - Classic Catalog

Image of the Op In button.

How do I save a list of items I have checked out?

  1. Log in to your library account

  2. Click the MY READING HISTORY button image my reading history buttom 

  3. Click the  OPT IN button image of the opt in button

  4. The next item checked out will be saved in your patron record, MY READING HISTORY screen.

*NOTE:  As the library collection is developed, items that are damaged or dated are withdrawn. These items will be removed from a patron's reading history as well. It is recommended the reading list be downloaded periodically to keep a full list of all borrowed items.

How do I remove titles from my reading history?

image my account reading history page

  1. To remove a specific title, MARK column, click in the box to the left of the title.

  2. Click the DELETE MARKED button. image delete marked button 

How do I remove my reading history from my library account?

image of patron record displaying the OPT OUT button

Warning - the following steps will permanently remove your reading history. Your reading history can not be retrieved once deleted.

  1. To remove all titles, the MARK column, click in the box to the left of all titles.

  2. Click the DELETE MARKED button. image of delete all button

  3. Click the OPT OUT button.  image of the OPT OUT button 
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