Total Boox


Step 1:
DOWNLOAD the Total Boox Library App
Click on the one for your device and follow the instructions.
Get the iOS App
Get the Kindle App
Get the Android app
Then return here.

Step 2:
For Android and Kindle Fire:
Log in to the app with your library card number and password or PIN. Enter them in the spaces on the app and click Enter. You only have to do this once. As long as you don't log out, the app will remember you so you can use it with just one click.
Next, click the box that says Get Books. Presto! You can choose your first books and download them. After they download, tap one and it will open.

For ipad:
Open Safari or another browser and go to Choose your library and log in with the same card number and password or PIN that you used with the app. Now, you can choose books with your browser and download them, they will instantly show up on your ipad.

Connect to Total Boox NOW

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