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Palmgren, Charlie
Parker, Rae Ann
Parker, William James
Parsons, Paul D. Dr.
Parton, Dolly Rebecca
Patton, Lisa
Pavleje, John
Peach, Bill
Pearson, Sela Serenity
Pelletier, Cathie
Pennell Joe E., Jr. Perdue, James M. Perkins, Cris
Perkins, Theresa Green Erwin
Perutelli, Marion Bolick
Pewitt, E. Gale
Pewitt, Lyn Sullivan
Phillips, Bill R.
Phillips, Lynn
Phillips, Philip Edward
Pinson, Richard D.
Place, Michelle Nicole
Potts, Helen Sawyer
Power, Elizabeth
Provine, Harriet T.
Provine, Robert C., Jr.
Provine, William B.
Pruett, Jeanne
Putala, Randall

Palmgren, Charlie (1933 - )

Although Dr. Charlie Palmgren didn't grow up in an academic family, academics have been his passion since he was a teenager. During the summer between his junior and senior years in high school, he discovered philosophy, psychology, theology, and cosmology-subjects he still thinks about, writes about, and teaches nearly six decades later. Palmgren has a Ph.D. in applied behavioral science, is an ordained Episcopal priest and a Third Order Franciscan, and has worked around the world as an organizational development consultant. As a founder of several companies, including former Atlanta-based SynerChange International and more recently Dayton-based Innovative InterChange Associates, Palmgren focuses on coaching individuals groups to be and become their best, using the Innovative InterChange process. He lives with his family in Franklin, Tenn.
  • –Descent of the Dove: Faith Beyond all Belief, 2008
  • –Ascent of the Eagle: Being and Becoming Your Best, 2008
  • –The Greatest Good: Rethinking the Role of Relationships in the Moral Fiber of our Companies and our Communities, with William H. Petrarca, 2002
  • –The Chicken Conspiracy: Breaking the Cycle of Personal Stress and Organizational Mediocrity, with Stacie Hagan, 1998
Charlie Palmgren

Parker, William James (1857 - 1897)
Son of an Arkansas physician, William James Parker attended Nashville Medical School. He married and returned to Arkansas to intern with his father. Interested in being a writer, he wrote articles on various subjects. He also created names for his daughters from literary characters and from interesting combinations of syllables. For example, Trula was a name created from the words "true love." In the late 1880's, learning that Dr. Byrn in Beechville was ready to retire, Dr. Parker moved his wife and two girls to the corner of Beech Creek Road and Hillsboro Pike where they lived and he had his office in the same house. Although choosing a country practice, Dr. Parker maintained his associations with several professional organizations and continued to write. He was especially interested in philosophy. He made a house call in April, 1897, rode home in a heavy rainstorm, contracted pneumonia, and died in a few days. He left three little girls and his young wife who was pregnant with his son. 
  • –The Human Soul: Its Origin and Analysis, 1888

Parsons, Paul D. Dr.

The oldest of three, born into a career military family, Paul grew up on naval bases throughout the world. At age 10, while in Puerto Rico, he came down with a serious kidney ailment and was confined to bed for one year. It was during this time he discovered he could excel academically. His sophomore and junior years in high school were spent in Madrid and Seville, Spain, away from his parents stationed in Sigonella, Sicily. After graduating in Jacksonville, Florida, he attended Dartmouth College and rowed all four years on the lightweight crew team, traveling to England for the Henley Royal Regatta after his senior year.

Medical school at the University of Tennessee provided another travel opportunity as Paul was the first exchange medical student from UT to Egypt, where he studied infectious diseases for two months. As a practicing orthopedic surgeon, he's traveled to Russia, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary as part of a performing arts medicine delegation. Other recreational travels include trips to Hawaii, Tahiti, Scotland, various sites around Europe, and a week on the Amazon River.

A voracious reader, Paul made it a goal to study prolific late twentieth century American novelists by collecting and reading their works in chronological order. Those whose books he's completed include Jean Auel, Tom Clancy, Nelson DeMille, Vince Flynn, Diana Gabaldon, Terry Goodkind, John Grishsam, Gary Jennings, Steven King, James Michener, Robert Ludlum, and Wilbur Smith (admittedly not American, though one of the best).  He's halfway through Greg Iles, Larry McMurtry, and Easton Press' 100 Greatest Books. Other interests include golf and guitar picking (a requirement if living near Nashville).

Baden-Powell's Beads is the first of his six novels to be published, with a release date of April10, 2012.

Paul lives with his wife and two dogs in Brentwood, Tennessee and has a second home in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

  • Baden-Powell's Beads: Jerusalem, 2014
  • Baden-Powell's Beads: London, 2013
  • Baden-Powell's Beads: Aksum, 2013
  • Baden-Powell's Beads, 2012
Image Dr. Paul D. Parsons

Parton, Dolly Rebecca (1946 - )
Dolly Parton was born into a large family in Sevier County. After finishing high school, she went to Nashville and began her singing career. For several years she teamed with Porter Waggoner, but later went solo and became one of the most popular singers in America. She has written lyrics for more than 3,000 songs and appeared in several feature films. Parton has lived in Williamson County for many years.
  • Coat of Many Colors,1994
  • Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business,1994
  • Just the Way I Am, 1979

Patton, Lisa (1958 - )
Lisa Patton spent over twenty years in the music industry before turning to fiction and is now the bestselling author of WHISTLIN' DIXIE IN A NOR'EASTER and YANKEE DOODLE DIXIE. Both novels have been featured on the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) Bestseller List and in 2010 Lisa was selected by Target Stores as an Emerging Author. Born and raised in Memphis, Lisa spent time as a Vermont innkeeper until three sub-zero winters sent her speeding back down South. When she's not writing Lisa guides walking tours of Historic Downtown Franklin, her hometown in Tennessee. Currently at work on the third novel in the Dixie series, Lisa is the proud mother of two sons and a little Havanese pooch named Rosie. To learn more about her, you can visit Lisa's Web site at www.lisapatton.com.
  • Yankee Doodle Dixie, 2011
  • Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter, 2009
Lisa Patton

Parker, Rae Ann
Rae Ann Parker spent most of her after school hours alternating between the public library and piano lessons. Her former jobs include police department transcriber (using a typewriter!), funeral organist, and social worker. These days she spends her time researching old stuff, volunteering as a museum tour guide for students, and writing books. Rae Ann is the author of the middle grade novel, The Devil’s Backbone. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her family.
  • The Devil's Backbone,2013

Parker, William James (1857 - 1897)
Son of an Arkansas physician, William James Parker attended Nashville Medical School. He married and returned to Arkansas to intern with his father. Interested in being a writer, he wrote articles on various subjects. He also created names for his daughters from literary characters and from interesting combinations of syllables. For example, Trula was a name created from the words "true love." In the late 1880's, learning that Dr. Byrn in Beechville was ready to retire, Dr. Parker moved his wife and two girls to the corner of Beech Creek Road and Hillsboro Pike where they lived and he had his office in the same house. Although choosing a country practice, Dr. Parker maintained his associations with several professional organizations and continued to write. He was especially interested in philosophy. He made a house call in April, 1897, rode home in a heavy rainstorm, contracted pneumonia, and died in a few days. He left three little girls and his young wife who was pregnant with his son. 
  • –The Human Soul: Its Origin and Analysis, 1888

Pavleje, John  (1953 - )
John Pavleje grew up in West Allis, Wisconsin, and lived in various places throughout the country as he developed his business leadership skills. His career started at nineteen in fast food restaurant management. He worked for the next twenty years in various printing plants with Deluxe Check Printers, which sent him to Nashville in 1988 to start a new plant. He has been living in Williamson County ever since. In 1998, he started his leadership-consulting firm, a move that led logically to his book.
  • Leadership, Because You Care, 2001

Peach, Bill
Bill Peach was reared in the community of Boston in Williamson County and has spent most of his life in retailing. For many years, he and his wife, Emily, have owned and operated Pigg & Peach, a men's clothing store on Main Street in Franklin. After being in and out of college for 34 years, he received a bachelor of university studies degree from Middle Tennessee State University in 1988. His play is a study of confrontation and reconciliation between generations with different views of time, religion, and patriotism. In 1995 he published the memoirs of an eight-year-old growing up in the community of Boston.
  • Politics, Preaching and Philosophy, 2009
  • Random Thoughts, Left and Right, 1998
  • The South Side of Boston, 1995
  • To Think as a Pawn (play), 1990

Bill Peach

Pearson, Sela Serenity (1952 - )
Sela Pearson was born and educated in Brooklyn, New York. She earned a B.S. Degree in Community Health from St. Joseph's College and became a licensed practical nurse. She relocated to Tennessee in 1991 and in 1996 developed A-KAN-KE Creations, through which she offers storytelling, poetry, and motivational speaking.  Pearson has published poetry and articles in several journals and has been an active speaker and storyteller throughout Middle Tennessee for which she won awards and commendations.
  • The Magic of Peace, 1996
  • Sela's Sounds of Silence,1995

Pelletier, Cathie
The author of highly acclaimed novels, Cathie Pelletier has also written poetry, a children's book in collaboration with Skeeter Davis, numerous songs recorded by well-known performers, and novels under the pseudonym K. C. McKinnon. With George Stevens Jr. she co-authored a screenplay based on her novel A Marriage Made at Woodstock. In 1992, she won the New England Book Award, and four of her novels have been selected as the "Most Notable Books of the Year" by the New York Times Book Review. Pelletier was born and grew up in Maine. She established Nashville Books, a book production company which specializes in nonfiction books about country music and its stars.
  • The Christmas Note (with Skeeter Davis), 1997
  • Beaming Sonny Home, 1996
  • Decision and Other Stories, 1995
  • A Marriage Made at Woodstock, 1994
  • The Bubble Reputation, 1993
  • The Weight of Winter, 1991
  • Once upon a Time on the Banks, 1989
  • The Funeral Makers, 1986
  • Widow's Walk, 1976
As K.C. McKinnon:
  • Candles on Bay Street, 1998
  • Dancing at the Harvest Moon, 1997
Perdue, James M.

"After learning my family was advised to place me in a nursing home because I would never get any better, I became determined to persevere through life even though I'd become a quadriplegic. My brother Tim encouraged me to use the same determination I had for baseball and direct it toward being successful in life" Dr. Perdue believes it is his calling to help other people overcome their challenges knowing, from his life experience, life is worth living. Dr. James M. Perdue Ed. D. lives in Gallatin, Tennessee.

  • One More Play, 2012
Author James M. Perdue

Pennell  Joe E., Jr. (1939 - )
Joe E. Pennell Jr., graduated from Lambuth College and Vanderbilt University Divinity School. From 1988 to 1996, he was senior pastor at Brentwood United Methodist Church. He was a key member of the Memphis Conference from 1962 to 1977, and later, as a member of the Tennessee Conference, he served as chairperson of the Advisory Council of the Vanderbilt Divinity School and as a member of the World Methodist Council. He then served as a bishop of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church.
  • From Anticipation to Transfiguration, 1989
  • The Whisper of Christmas, 1984
  • A Connectional Community,1982

Perkins, Cris
Cris Perkins was born in Franklin, but began his career in Memphis in 1989 as a sportswriter for the West Memphis Evening Times. In 1991, he returned to work at the Review Appeal. He was named Tennessee Division II Sportswriter of the Year, Columnist of the Year, and Investigative Reporter of the Year by the Tennessee Sportswriters Association in 1992 and 1993. While majoring in journalism at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, he worked in the office of sports information. He has continued to work in the area of sports in several universities.
  • One Hundred Years of BGA Football, 1894-1994,1994

Perkins, Theresa Green Erwin (1836-1916)
Theresa Green Erwin was born in Todd County, Kentucky, the youngest of nine children. In 1858 she married Samuel Fearn Perkins and resided with him at his family home, Hillside, which was at the intersection of Old Charlotte Pike and Old Hillsboro Road. The book she wrote under the pen name of Terah Ewyn is a fictionalized account of life at Hillside during the Civil War. Captain Phil is based on her husband's younger brother who was in the Confederate cavalry and was later county court clerk. Yaller Phil is based on a servant who accompanied his master to battle and later worked as a janitor at the old Williamson County Bank.
  • Captain Phil and "Yaller" Phil: A Story of the Civil War, 1890
Theresa Green Erwin Perkins

Perutelli, Marion Bolick (1925 - )
Marion Perutelli was born and raised in Memphis. She began writing historical fiction after reading Gone With the Wind, and her stories are set in Memphis. She is a resident of Brentwood.
  • From Whence He Came and Short Stories, 2005
  • The Mud Daubers, 2005

Pewitt, E. Gale (1932 - )
E. Gale Pewitt grew up in Brentwood, Tennessee, where he attended Franklin Elementary School and Battle Ground Academy. He later became involved in technical and scientific matters becoming a research physicist. His writing career began when he visited St. Albans, Vermont, and became fascinated by the Confederate raid on the town. Gale now divides his time between Naperville, Illinois, and Franklin, Tennessee. . 
  •  –The St. Albans Raiders , 2008
  •  –The Blue and Gray Education Society , (co-author with Daniel S. Rush), 2008

Pewitt, Lyn Sullivan
  •  –Back Home in Williamson County, 1996

Phillips, Bill R.
Bill Phillips is a native Texan, a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and an Air Force veteran. He came to the Freedom Forum at Vanderbilt in 1994 to write the book cited below, using his background in both politics and the media to examine the relationship between the two. His journalistic experience includes work on newspapers in both California and Nevada, one of which was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for editorials based on his writing. His career in politics began when he worked in a gubernatorial race in Nevada. He was later assistant campaign manager in the 1992 Bush/Quayle campaign, became a senior administrator under the first President Bush, managed the 1988 Republican National Convention, and has been chief of staff of the Republican National Committee. He has since been chief of staff of the office of university relations at Vanderbilt and later the Deputy Mayor in the mayor's office of Metropolitan Davidson County.
  • Nothing Sacred: Journalism, Politics, and Public Trust in a Tell-All Age (co-author), 1994

Phillips, Lynn
Lynn Phillips, a native of Lawrence County, graduated from Loretto High School in 1942. He has long been a resident of Franklin and a member of the Johnson's Chapel Methodist Church in Brentwood. Retired from food sales, he found time to focus on writing poetry, something he began to do at the age of twelve. He has been a member of the Southern Poets Association and has had pieces published by them. He has also been active in a local poetry group. Though most of his poems are romantic in nature, some are humorous and others deal with the problems of aging.
  • Sunshine and Shadows,1994
  • Memories from the Heart,1991

Phillips, Philip Edward
Philip E. Phillips gives credit for his love of writing to the outstanding teachers he has had over the years, from Belmont University to Vanderbilt University. He was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and grew up in Lebanon, Tennessee, where he was a boarding cadet at Castle Heights Military Academy. He was first introduced to great literature by one of his teachers at CHMA. He is an associate professor of medieval and Renaissance literature at Middle Tennessee State University. His research interests in Roman philosopher Boethius, John Milton, and Edgar Allan Poe have resulted in his published writings. Phillips lives with his wife and son in Franklin.
  • New Directions in Boethian Studies,2007
  • John Milton's Epic Invocations: Converting the Muse, 2000

Pinson, Richard D. (1949 - )
A native of Henderson, Kentucky, Dr. Richard Pinson graduated first in his class at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in 1976. He completed his professional training at the University of Pennsylvania and at Vanderbilt. While practicing medicine since 1980, he has taught at the University of Tennessee and at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, as well as helping to organize Clinical Research Associates. His professional corporation, Well Being 2000, provides personal assistance in health planning, disease prevention, and medical problem solving.
  • SELF HEALTH: The Perfect Health Plan, 2000

Place, Michelle Nicole
With her birth in Scotland and her childhood in California, Michelle Place nevertheless calls Middle Tennessee home because her family roots are here. Her family returned just before she began college. She started out in interior design but changed to English when she realized that she wanted to be a writer like her mother, Cheryl Zach. In 1997, she married, moved to Franklin, and began writing professionally.
As Nicole Byrd, pen name of Cheryl Zach and Michelle Place:
  • Beauty in Black, 2004
  • Widow in Scarlet, 2003
  • Lady in Waiting, 2002
  • Dear Impostor,2001
  • Robert's Lady, 2000

Potts, Helen Sawyer
Helen Potts was born in Williamson County and attended local schools. She taught twenty-seven years in Tennessee and seven years in Mississippi. She is responsible for buying the Edythe Rucker Whitley genealogical collection and donating it to the Williamson County Public Library. She has been a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Williamson County Historical Society.
  • McGavock Confederate Cemetery(with Helen Hudgins), 1984

Power, Elizabeth (1953 - )
Elizabeth was born and reared in rural Caldwell County, North Carolina. Her writing interest was stimulated through her high school curriculum at North Carolina School of the Arts. After completion of her B.A. at University of North Carolina-Greensboro and M.Ed. from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University in Human Resources Development, she started her own company, "providing writing and instructional design services to companies in the private and public sector world wide." She writes Appalachian "porch stories," poetry, and screen plays. Due to her interest in the workings of disenfranchisement, she has contributed chapters to books of studies and has made video tapes accompanied by booklets in the broad area of psychology. She is an internationally known speaker, facilitator, and trainer. She has been published across a wide spectrum of disciplines and topics. . 
  •  –How to Get Happier -- and why you should try to! , 2009
  •  –Managing Ourselves: God in Our Midst , 1992
  •  –Managing Ourselves: Building a Community of Caring, 1992
  •  –If Change is All There Is, Choice is All You've Got , 1990
  •  –Circle of Love: A Child Personal Safety Program, 1984
  •  –CMHC Guide for Working with Sexual Abuse Survivors , 1977

Provine Family
In 1950, the Provine family bought a small farm on Manley Lane where all lived for several years before scattering to various academic positions. The farm has remained in the family, so the members have returned from time to time. Harriet T. Provine attended Vanderbilt during her Williamson County years, became a research biologist, and taught at Harvard Medical School.
  • Acute Bacterial Infections: Early Diagnosis and Treatment (with Dr. Pierce Gardner), 1984
William B. Provine went to Grassland Elementary School. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in history of science and has spent his life as a professor of history of science at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
  • Origins of Theoretical Population Genetics, 2001
  • Sewell Wright and Evolutionary Biology, 1986, 2001
Robert C. Provine, Jr. attended Grassland Elementary School. He earned a Ph.D. at Harvard University in music. His interest in Korean music was a result of two years of military service there. For much of his adult life, he lived in Durham, England, where he taught music at the university. Since August, 2000 he has been professor of music at the University of Maryland.
  • Essays on Sino-Korean Musicology: Early Sources for Korean Ritual Music, 1988
  • The Drum Rhythms in Korean Farmers' Music, 1975

Pruett, Jeanne
Jeanne Pruett, the well-known singer and writer of country music, grew up as part of a large family on a working farm in Pell City, Alabama. For a number of years, she and her husband have lived in a log house on a horse farm in Williamson County. In addition to the two cookbooks listed that contain narrative, Pruett has written several non-narrated cookbooks.
  • Feedin' Friends Cookbook II,1988
  • Feedin' Friends,1986
Jeanne Pruett

Putala, Randall (1954 - )
Randall Putala was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. His interest in writing developed from his many years in the advertising field. He has worked as production, marketing and advertising managers in prestigious companies from New York City to Dallas, Texas and most recently in Nashville, Tennessee. He is president and founder of Strategic Direct Marketing, a multi-million dollar business serving clients in over 30 states in a wide range of industries. He lives in Brentwood, Tennessee.
  • Gourmet Cooking with Dollar Store Food, 2010
  • Feed the World for (Almost) Free, Forever, 2009
  • Better Groceries for Less Cash, 2008
Randall Patala
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