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I and II Thessalonians: The Hope of a Waiting Church, 1979 Draper, James T., Jr.
The 3 Dimensional Prayer Book, 2007 Swift, Grace
7 Fs for Families, 1984 Allen, Nancy Evelyn
1770 - 1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements, 1987 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
1840 Census of Williamson County, 1980 Lynch, Louise
1870 United States Census of Putnam County, Tennessee, 1989 McGee, Norman and Kay 
1880 United States Census of Putnam County, Tennessee, 1989 McGee, Norman and Kay 
1890 U.S. Census of Union Veterans and Widows in Williamson County, Tennessee, 1996 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
19th Century Wills Index of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1994 Cheesman, David Ray
19th Century Wills Index of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1999 Cheesman, David Ray
21 Days to a Better Quiet Time with God, 1998 Jones, Timothy
25 Notes for the Successful Musician, 2009 Jeffers, Chad
31 Spiritual Lessons I Learned from My Dog, 2007 King, Raylene
40 Days With the Word of Promise, 2008 Berger, Steve
48 Days to Creative Income, workbook and audio CDs Miller, Dan
48 Days to the Work You Love (with Dan Miller), 2007 Ramsey, Dave
48 Days to the Work You Love, 2005 Miller, Dan
48 Days to the Work You Love, workbook and audio CDs Miller, Dan
57% Solution: A Conservative Strategy for the Next Four Years, 1993 Grant, George
99 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor and Why, 1994 Keckley, Paul
Baccus and Me, 2000 McInerney, Jay
Back to Work, 2007 Dyer, Lucinda
A Barnabas Lifestyle, 1986 Atkinson, Don
A Beautiful Fall, 2008 Coppernoll, Christopher
A Better Way to Live (with Cecil Kemp), 2000 Hurd, Heather Kemp
A Big Night in Booville, 2002 Knight, Kathryn
A Book of Hope for a Better Life (with Heather Hurd) Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope for Achieving True Greatness Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope for Lasting Peace Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope for Leaders Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope for Making Higher Connection Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope for Mothers (Celebrate the Joy of Children), 2000 Hurd, Heather Kemp
A Book of Hope for Parents Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope for Relationship Heartaches Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope for Shaping a Life of Honor Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope for the Storms of Life (Healing Words for Troubled Times) Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope on Abiding Faith Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope on Prayer Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Book of Hope We're Forgiven Kemp, Cecil O., Jr.
A Boy for All Seasons, 1996 Wibking, Tim
Breakfast at the Henpeck Market, 2011 Cutrer, Clyde Willis
A Brief History of the YMCA of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, 1996 Wills, Ridley, II
A Bright Shining Place: The Story of a Miracle, 1983 Blackwood, Cheryl Prewitt
A Calf Named Nan, 2002  Graham, Fred
A Century of Chairmakers in Williamson County, 18501950, 1989 Warwick, Richard
A Change of Heart, 1993 Harvey, Donald R.
A Child's Christmas at St. Nicholas Circle, 1999 McKelvey, Douglas Kaine 
A Community of Believers—Making Church Membership MoreMeaningful, 1978 Deweese, Charles W.
A Complete Guide to the Christian's Budget, 1973 Speer, Michael L.
A Connectional Community, 1982 Pennell  Joe E., Jr.
A Country Communion, 1980 McGeachy, Pat
A Craving for Life, 1995 Watkins, Kate Sullivan
A Cry of Absence, 1971 Jones, Madison
A Dark Champion, 2004 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
A Day in the Life of a Sandy Beach, 1973 Stephens, William M.
A Door to Happy Land, 1968 Smith, Betty Hunter
A Dream of Freedom, 1995 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
A Fall Together, 2006 O'Neill, Jennifer
A Fatal Waltz, 2008 Tyska, Tasha
A Father's Book of Wisdom, 1988 Brown, H. Jackson
A Father's Gift, 2008 Jordan, Jennifer
A Fragile Stone, 2003 Card, Michael
A Guide For Parents & Teachers: Supplement to Dana Doesn't Like Guns Anymore, 1996 Slater, Carole W. Moore
A Guide to the Natchez Trace Parkway, 2005 Bachleda, F. Lynne
A Guitar and a Pen: Stories by Music's Greatest Songwriters, 2008 Hicks, Robert
A Hemingway Odyssey: Special Places in His Life, 1999 Lawrence, H. Lea
A Heritage of Grandeur, 1981 Crutchfield, James A.
A Hero in Every Heart, 1997 Brown, H. Jackson
A History of Battle Ground Academy, 1995 Gentry, Cindy White      
A Late Spring Frost, 2007 O'Neill, Jennifer
A Legacy of Love, 1985 Batey, Marie
A Life of William B. Bate, Citizen, Soldier, and Statesman, 1908 Marshall, Park
A Little Humor Never Hurt Anyone, 2009 Hannas, Warren F.
A Little Princess, 2001 Colln, Louise                
A Marriage Made at Woodstock, 1994 Pelletier, Cathie
A Matter of Life and Death, 1966 McGeachy, Pat
A Mother's Garden of Prayer: Cultivating a Lifestyle of Prayer for Your Children (with Patricia F. Webb), 1999 Maddox, Sarah O.
A Past Remembered: A Collection of Antebellum Houses in Davidson County, 1987 Clements, Paul
A Personal Revelation, 2003 Fugette, Eric
A Physical Survey of Virginia: Her Geographical Position, Its Commercial Advantages and National Importance, 1869 Maury, Matthew Fontaine
A Pirate of Her Own reissue, 2005 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
A Pirate of Her Own,1999 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
A Place for God, 2000 Jones, Timothy
A Place for Love, 1995 Colln, Louise                
A Poisoned Season, 2007 Tyska, Tasha
A Presbyterian Congregation at Worship, 1974 McGeachy, Pat
A Primer of Handicrafts, 1976 Crutchfield, James A.
A Primer of the North American Fur Trade, 1986 Crutchfield, James A.
A River Through Time, reprint of Early Times in the Cumberland Valley, 1996 Crutchfield, James A.
A Rose Grows Free, 1994 Allen, Mary
A Saved Young Life Now In Heaven : The Autobiography and Other Chronological Writings of Stephanie Bell, 2012 Bell, Stephanie Renee
A Search for Justice (with contributions from James Squires, John Hemphill, and Frank Ritter), 1971 Seigenthaler, John
A Separate Country, 2009 Hicks, Robert
A Sketch of Simon Bolivar Buckner, 1983 Hudgins, Helen Hawes
A Sunday Surprise . . . Is Our Minister Sinister?, 2003 Ross, Tim
A Tender Road Home: The Story of How God Healed a Marriage Crippled by Anger and Abuse (with Paul and Susie Luchsinger), 1997 Abraham, Ken
A Thump, a Bump and a Dump, 2007  Ross, Tim
A Treasury of Tennessee Tales by James Ewing, reissued and edited with additional tales by J. C., 1997 Crutchfield, James A.
A Treasury of Tennessee Tales, 1985 (revised edition with additional stories by James Crutchfield, 1997) Ewing, James
A Visit to the Carter House, 1972 Carter, Rosalie
A Walk in the Light, 1980 Skelton, Eugene
A Walking Tour of Mount Olivet Cemetery, 1993 Wills, Ridley, II
A Way of Escape, 1994 Anderson, Neil T.
A Winter of Wonders, 2007 O'Neill, Jennifer
A Woman's Garden of Prayer: Cultivating Intimacy with God Through Prayer (with Patricia F. Webb), 2002 Maddox, Sarah O.
A.C.H.I.E.V.E.M.E.N.T.: 270 Tips to Boost Your Career, 1995 Blackmer, Robert B.
Abingdon's Young Readers' Bible Dictionary (with Daphne Flegal), 2001 Augustine, Peg
Absolutely Alabama, 1997 McGraw, Marjie
ACCESS Nashville and Memphis, 2000 McGraw, Marjie
Acheron, 2007 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Acts for God: 38 Dramatic Sketches for Contemporary Services , 2005  Shirley, Howard
 Acts of Life, 1986 Hall, Tom T.
Acute Bacterial Infections: Early Diagnosis and Treatment (with Dr. Pierce Gardner), 1984 Provine Family
Adapted and Condensed Colln, Louise                
Address of Com. M.F. Maury, before the Fair of the Agricultural & Mechanical Soc. Of Memphis, Tenn., 1971 Maury, Matthew Fontaine
Adventures in Family Living, 1975 Blackwell, Muriel Fontenot
After the Ball Was Over, 1985 Kingsland, Rosemary
After the Fall, 1991 Lee, Stellasue
Al Gore, Jr.: Born to Lead, 1988 Hillin, Hank
Al Gore, Jr.: His Life and Career, 1992 Hillin, Hank
Alabama Bloodbath, 1991 Ham, Bob
All I Want For Christmas, 2000 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
All Souls' Rising, 1995 Bell, Madison Smartt
Allen Tate: A Bibliography, 1967 Falwell, Marshall, Jr.
Almost: The Conscience of a Nation, 1983 Draper, James T., Jr.
Alphabet Rhymes for Bible Times, 2002 Augustine, Peg
Amarugia, 2009 Gross, Robert L.
Amazon, and the Atlantic Slopes of South America, 1853 Maury, Matthew Fontaine
America 's Yesteryears, 1996 Crutchfield, James A.
American Foreign Policy in International Perspective, 1971 Hancock, M. Donald
An American Life, 2002 Gentry, Jimmy
American Vision, 1984 Grant, George
An Exile, 1991 Jones, Madison
An Exposition of the Revelations of St. John the Divine… and Connections of the Kingdoms of the World with the Prophecies, 1873 Cox, Jesse
An Honorable Profession:  A Tribute to Robert F. Kennedy Seigenthaler, John
An Oath to Mida, 1983 Green, Sharon 
And Only to Deceive, 2005 Tyska, Tasha
Andy Jackson's Water Well, 1959  Steele, William O.
 Angel Knew Papa and the Dog, 1996 McKelvey, Douglas Kaine
 Angels of Morgan Hill, 2006 VanLiere, Donna
Annual Review of Nutrition, 1981 Darby, William J. 
Anything Goes, 2002 Bell, Madison Smartt
April and October: Collected Poems, 1981 Ross, Mary Waller
 Archer's and Bowhunter's Bible, 1993 Lawrence, H. Lea
Arise and Shine, 1996 Lovell, Tina Hood
Armed and Dangerous: Straight Answers from the Bible, 1993 Abraham, Ken
 Art of Letting Go of Stuff, 1999 Johnson, Darren
 Art of Prayer, 1997 Jones, Timothy
Arthritis: Little Known Treatments, 1995 Chapdelaine, Perry A.
Arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Disease Including Rheumatoid Arthritis (with Gus J. Prosch, Jr. M.D.), 1997 Chapdelaine, Perry A.
Ascent of the Eagle: Being and Becoming Your Best, 2008 Palmgren, Charlie
Ashes to Gold (with co-author Sherry Andrews), 1983 Thompson, Patti Roberts
Assisted Loving: The Journey Through Sexuality and Aging, 2013 Manley, Ginger T.
At the Heart of Money, 2004 Spain, Melvin and Edie
Atlanta Burn, 1990 Ham, Bob
Attitudes for Success, 1994 McAlindon, Harold R.
Authority: The Critical Issue for Southern Baptists, 1984 Draper, James T., Jr.
Autumn Flame: The Clan MacLean, 2001 Hayworth, Lynne
Autumn Thunder, 1997 Kosser, Michael
Awake My Soul: Practical Spirituality for Busy People, 1999 Jones, Timothy
 Awards Catalogue, 1989 Stafford, Clay
Awesome God, 1996 Anderson, Neil T.
Bacchus and Me, 2000 McInerney, Jay
Bad Attitude, 2006 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Bad Moon Rising, 2009 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Bad Novel, 2007 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Baden-Powell's Beads, 2012 Parsons, Paul D. Dr.
Baptist Church Covenants, 1990 Deweese, Charles W.
Barack H. Obama: Vision to Victory, 2009 Allen, Nancy Evelyn
Barcus, Concord, Cosby & Stingley Cemeteries of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1994 Cheesman, David Ray
Barking Man and Other Stories, 1990 Bell, Madison Smartt
Barns of Tennessee (with Michael T. Gavin), 2007 Hankins, Caneta Skelley
Barnstormin', 2009 Kline, John
Basic Bible Sermons in Psalms for Everyday Living, 1992 Draper, James T., Jr.
Basics for New Baptists, 1990 Mosley, Ernest E.
Basics for New Baptists, Youth Edition, 1990 Mosley, Ernest E.
Battle of Spring Hill, Tennessee, November 29, 1864, 1995 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Be Somebody, 1980 Hannas, Warren F.
Beaming Sonny Home, 1996 Pelletier, Cathie
A Beautiful Fall, 2008 Coppernoll, Christopher
Beauty in Black, 2004 Place, Michelle Nicole
Beauty in Black, 2004 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Beauty Plus Utility: How to Decorate Your Home the Smart Money Way, 1996 Ball, Alice Breuer
Beauty to Last a Lifetime (with Kim Boyce), 1997, 1993 Abraham, Ken
Beechville--Then, Now, and In Between, 2006 Lee, S. R.
Behind the Stats: Tennessee's Coaching Legends, 1996 Fulks, Matthew W.
Belle Meade Bloodlines, 18161904, 1990 Wills, Ridley, II
Benny and the Crazy Contest, 1991 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Benny and the No-Good Teacher, 1992 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Best Friends (with George Grant), 1998 Grant, Karen
Best Friends: Lessons from Extraordinary Relationships Through the Ages (with Karen Grant), 1998 Grant, George
Best of O'More, 2011 Hilliard, K. Mark
Better Groceries for Less Cash, 2010 Putala, Randall
Beyond Me, 2010 Doolittle, Melinda
Beyond the Facts, Acts, 1973 McGeachy, Pat
Beyond the Rainbow, 1993 Jordan, Jeff
Bible Records, Williamson County, Vols. 1 and 2, 18001818, 1970 Lynch, Louise
Biblical Authority: the Critical Issue for the Body of Christ (with Kenneth Keathley), 2001 Draper, James T., Jr.
Bid Me Welcome, 1978 Reed, Alison Touster
Big Dino Fun, 2002  As Slade Stone Knight, Kathryn
Big Guns Out of Uniform, 2003 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Big Guns Out of Uniform, MM release, 2005 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Big Lick: A Novel Dedicated to Animal Lovers, 1992 Dickinson, Maxwell
Billy Carter, A Journey Through the Shadows, 1999 Carter, William
Bio-Ethics, 1992 Oldham, Robert K. 
Biophysical Science Laboratory Manual (with other members of the faculty), 1978, 1981, 1989 White, Katie Kinnard
Birdsong Road, 1999 Colln, Louise                
Black Beauty, 2001 Colln, Louise                
Black Pawns in the Cold War, 2004 Kline, John
Bless This Food (with George Grant), 1996 Grant, Karen
Bless This Food (with Karen Grant), 1996 Grant, George
Blessed are the Peacemakers, 2002 Anderson, Neil T.
Blood of the Moon: Understanding the Historic Struggle Between Islam and Western Civilization, 2002, 1991 Grant, George
Blood River, 1995 Kosser, Michael
Blue Mountain: A Spiritual Anthology Celebrating the Earth, 2000 Badger, David
Bondage Breaker, Youth Edition, 1993 Anderson, Neil T.
Bonnie and Clyde: a Twenty-first Century Update, 2003 Knight, James R.
Book of Love for My Daughter (with others), 2001 Brown, H. Jackson
Born for America: the Life of Inge Meyring Smith, 2012 Smith, Inge Meyring
Born in Sin, 2003 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Born of Fire, 1998 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Born of Ice, 2009 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Born of Night, 2009 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Born of the Night , 2001 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Born of the Night,1996 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Boston: Esquire Magazine Travel Series (video script), 1991 Stafford, Clay
Brainstorm: Monsters from the ID, 1996 Abraham, Ken
Breaking the Bondage of Legalism, 2003 Anderson, Neil T.
Breaking Through to Spiritual Maturity, 1992 Anderson, Neil T.
Breath, 2012 Savarda, Cindy
Brentwood Tennessee: A Crossroads of the Civil War, 2002 Lassus, Joe
Brentwood, Tennessee: Early Settlement and Growth, 1995 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Brentwood, Tennessee—The Civil War Years, 1993 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Brewster, the Rain-Makin' Rooster, 1999 Ross, Tim
Bridges to the Future, 1994 Draper, James T., Jr.
Bright Lights, Big City, 1984 McInerney, Jay
Brightness Falls, 1992 McInerney, Jay
Bringing in the Sheaves, 1985 Grant, George
Bringing It to Nashville, 1975  As Mike Roarke Kosser, Michael
Bringing Out the Winner in Your Child (with Jim Croyle), 1997 Abraham, Ken
Bruce the Goose and the Blueberry Juice, 2007  Ross, Tim
Buchanan:  Caught in the Crossfire, 1996 Grant, George
Bucky Saves the Day, 2007  Ross, Tim
Building Your First Pond McKaskie, Hayden M. 
The Bun Also Rises: an Inspiring True Story of Bravery, Bull-headedness, Branding, and Yes, Buns, 2009 Moore, Rodney J.
Bundeswehr and the National People's Army, 1973 Hancock, M. Donald
Buried Land, 1987 Jones, Madison
Bus Fare to Kentucky, 1993 Davis, Skeeter
Busting Free, 1994 Anderson, Neil T.
Buyers Are Liars & Sellers Are Too!, 1992 Courtney, Richard       
By the Seat of My Pants (autobiography), 1993 Killen, Buddy
By Their Fruits, 1982 Walker, Arthur L.
California: Esquire Magazine Travel Series (video script), 1991 Stafford, Clay
Call to Commitment: Responding to the Message of Hebrews, 1985 Lane, William L.
Called to Joy: A Design for Pastoral Ministries, 1973 Mosley, Ernest E.
Called to Teach Children, 1983 Blackwell, Muriel Fontenot
Cameron and his Dinosaurs (with Andres Silva Bianco), 2009 Sava, Scott Christian
Candid Appeal to the American Public, 1831 Eaton, John Henry
Candles on Bay Street, 1998 Pelletier, Cathie
Canoeing in Tennessee, 1996 Sherwin, Holly Landes
Canticles of the Earth, 2004 Badger, David
Captain Maury's Letter on American Affairs, 1861 Maury, Matthew Fontaine
Captain Phil and "Yaller" Phil: A Story of the Civil War, 1890 Perkins, Theresa Green Erwin
Captain Tod Carter of the Confederate States Army, 1978 Carter, Rosalie
Caramelle : There's No Place Like Home, 2012 Bell, Stephanie Renee
Caramelle : Metamorphosis, 2012 Bell, Stephanie Renee
Caramelle : Eternal Hope, 2012 Bell, Stephanie Renee
Career Shock, 1988 Cotham, James C., III
Carmack: Edward Ward Carmack, 1977 Bumpus, Paul Franklin 
Carrie's Gold, 1997 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Carry a Big Stick: The Uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt, 1996 Grant, George
Cassata, 1985 Kingsland, Rosemary
Cast Iron Dogs, 1996 Fletcher-Blume, Nancy   
Catch the Spirit: A Sesquicentennial History of Bethlehem United Methodist Church, 18481997, 1997 Tyson, W. Stan
The Catcher of Dreams, 2002 Hilliard, K. Mark
Cattail, Fishscale, and Snakeskin, 1994 McKelvey, Douglas Kaine 
Celebrating Life, 1989 Atkinson, Don
Celebration and Joy: Worship Resources for Contemporary Churches, 1996 Hammer, Randy
Celebration of Angels, 1994 Jones, Timothy
Cemetery Records of Smith County, Tennessee, 1978 Lynch, Louise
Cemetery Records, Williamson County, Tennessee (with Volena Wheatley Hays), 1969 Lynch, Louise
Chain of Fools, 1996 Womack, Steven
Change Your World, 1993 Smith, Michael W.
Changing of the Guard: the Vital Role Christians Must Play in America's Unfolding Political and Cultural Drama, 1995, 1987 Grant, George
Character-Naming Sourcebook,1994 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Cheesman Death Records & Tombstones, 1991 Cheesman, David Ray
Cheesman Family Heritage, 1989, 1992 Cheesman, David Ray
Cheesman Immigrants, 1990 Cheesman, David Ray
Cheesman Marriages, 1992 Cheesman, David Ray
Cheesman Wills, 1990 Cheesman, David Ray
Chemistry and Society (with Melvin D. Josten et al.), 1986 Johnston, David Owen
Chemistry and the Environment (with John T. Netterville et al.), 1973 Johnston, David Owen
Chemistry and the Environment, 1973 Netterville, John T., Sr.
Chemistry, a Brief Introduction, 1969 Netterville, John T., Sr.
Chemistry, Impact on Society, 1988 Netterville, John T., Sr.
Chemistry, Man, and Society (with Mark M. Jones et al.), 1972 Johnston, David Owen
Chemistry, Man, and Society, 1972 Netterville, John T., Sr.
Chemistry: A Brief Introduction (with Mark M. Jones et al.), 1969 Johnston, David Owen
Chemistry: Impact on Society (with Mark M. Jones et al.), 1988 Johnston, David Owen
The Chicken Conspiracy, 1998 Palmgren, Charlie
Children of Divorce: A Practical Guide for Parents, Attorneys, and Therapists, 1995 Bernet, William
Chocolate Covered Friendship, 2008 Fox, Angela
Chosen of Mida, 1984 Green, Sharon
Christ Centered Marriage, 1996 Anderson, Neil T.
Christ Centered Therapy, 2009 Anderson, Neil T.
Christ is Lord, 1990 Thiele, W. Edward
Christian Almanac: a Dictionary of Days Celebrating History's Most Significant People And Events, (with Gregory Wilbur), 2000 Grant, George
Christian Social Ethics (editor), 1979 Cotham, Perry C.           
Christmas and the Old House, 1989 Hall, Tom T.
Christmas Is Love, 1987 Rucker, Corneille McCarn
Christmas Scene: a Scene for All Seasons, 2008 Baly, Shakira
Christmas Spirit: the Celebrations of the Season (with Gregory Wilbur), 1999 Grant, George
Churchill on Courage: Timeless Wisdom for Persevering, 1996 Talbott, Frederick  E.
Circle of Love: A Child Personal Safety Program, 1984  Power, Elizabeth
Citizen Diplomats Shaping Globalization, 1997 Browne, Harry
Civil War Bibliography: The Battle of Franklin & the Civil War Years in Williamson County, Tennessee, 1998 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Civil War Casualties: Williamson County, Tennessee—Confederate and Federal, 1997 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Civil War Diary of Corporal James Walsh, 124th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1990 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Civil War Soldiers from Williamson County, Tennessee—Federal & Confederate, 1997 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Claiming the Highlander, 2002 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Clean Air (with Peter Leithart), 1990 Grant, George
Clean Air Act 1990 Amendments, 1990 Stensvaag, John-Mark
Clean Cabbage in the Bucket and Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches, 1990 O'Rourke, Dennis
Close Your Eyes So You Can See, 1996  Card, Michael
Clouds for the Table, 2001  Irvin, Susie Sims
CMHC Guide for Working with Sexual Abuse Survivors , 1977  Power, Elizabeth
Coaching Youth Soccer, Simplified, 1999 Huddleston, David M.
Coat of Many Colors, 1994 Parton, Dolly Rebecca
Collins D. Elliott and the Nashville Female Academy, 1935 Windrow, John Edwin
Colossians: A Portrait of Christ, 1982 Draper, James T., Jr.
Come to the Cradle, 1993 Card, Michael
Come with Me to the Edge of the Sea, 1972 Stephens, William M.
Coming Home to a Place Called Hope--A Companion Guide for Your Personal Journey to Hope, 2008 Robinson, James Eugene
Coming Home to a Place Called Hope--A Journey for the Wounded Soul, 2009 Robinson, James Eugene
Common Roots: The Ideas that Shaped the Worldview of the Founding Fathers, 1998 Grant, George
Common Sense and the Gospel, 1969 McGeachy, Pat
Comparative Legislative Systems: a Reader in Theory and Research (with Herbert Hirsch), 1971 Hancock, M. Donald
Complete Life's Little Instruction Book (3 vols. in 1), 1997 Brown, H. Jackson
Comprender y Aconsejar, 1989 Taulman, James  E.
Conarroe Cemetery (Conroe Cemetery), Wea Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1830 -: an illustrated garden of stones, 1992 Cheesman, David Ray
The Confederacy is on her way up the spout : letters to South Carolina, 1861-1864, 1998 Heller, J. Roderick III
Confederate and Federal Regiments which Served in Williamson County, Tennessee, 1997 Fulcher, Richard Carlton
Confederate Time Tunnel, 2012 Spahr, Robert
Controlling Crohn's Disease the Natural Way (with Tom Monte), 2002 Harper, Virginia M.
The Covenant Woman of the Bible, 2009 Allen, Nancy Evelyn
The Covenant Woman of the New Testament, 2009 Allen, Nancy Evelyn
The Covenant Woman of the Old Testament, 2009 Allen, Nancy Evelyn
Convicted (with Jorge Valdes), 1999 Abraham, Ken
Cook It Right! The Comprehensive Source for Substitutions, Equivalents and Cooking Tips, 1979 Nowak, Barbara
Cooking with Smitty's Mom (with Michael W. Smith), 1999 Smith, Barbara
Coon Dogs, Outhouses & Other Southern Samplings, 1998 Boyd, Lucas G.
Core of Christianity, 2009 Anderson, Neil T.
Corn Bread & Sweet Milk, An Autobiography (as related by J. Glenn Brown, co-author),  1998 Vaden, Evelyn Cutler
Corn Bread & Sweet Milk: An Autobiography (with Evelyn Vaden), 1998 Brown, Jesse Glenn
Corresponding with History: The Art and Benefits of Collecting Autographs, 1997 Schlimm, John
Countdown to the Millennium, 1995 Johnian, Mona
Counting to Ten with Moses, 2000 Augustine, Peg
Country Music '88, 1988 Kosser, Michael
County Court of Williamson County, Tennessee, Lawsuits, 18211872, Books 2 8 (abstracted), 1975 Lynch, Louise
Creative Crafts for Self-Expression, 1978 Howell, Sarah
Creative Pathways: A Curriculum Guide for the Talented and Very Able Child (with others), 1983 Depp, Barbara
Creative Pathways: A Curriculum Guide for the Talented and Very Able Child (with others), 1983 Gee, Connie
Creative Pathways: A Curriculum Guide for the Talented and Very Able Child (with others), 1983 Sladek, Nancy
Creative Pathways: A Curriculum Guide for the Talented and Very Able Child (with others), 1983     Dirugeris, Daphine
Creative Pathways: A Curriculum Guide for the Talented and Very Able Child, (editor and co-author), 1983 Moorehead, Cleatus
Creative Thinking, 1994 McAlindon, Harold R.
Cross and Sword: An Eyewitness History of Christianity in Latin America, 1989 Goodpasture, H. McKennie
Cross Border Links Environmental Directory, 1997 Browne, Harry
Cross Border Links Labor Directory, 1997 Browne, Harry
Crossing the Double Yellow Line, 2000 Lee, Stellasue
Crossing the Line, 2000 Karnes, Mitchell Scott
Crossing the Line: Immigrants, Economic Integration, and Drug Enforcement on the U.S.-Mexican Border (with Tom Barry and Beth Simms), 1994 Browne, Harry
Curious Clubhouse, 1967 Govan, Christine Noble
Curse of the Idol's Eye, 1997 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Customer Care, 1988 McAlindon, Harold R.
Daemon's Angel, 1995 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Daily in Christ, 1993 Anderson, Neil T.
Dana Doesn't Like Guns Anymore, 1989, 1992 Slater, Carole W. Moore
Damaged Goods: An Autobiography, 2009 Hunt, Charlotte D
Dance of the Broken Heart: A Family Love Story (with co-author John Thompson), 1986  Thompson, Patti Roberts
Dance with the Devil, 2003 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Dancing at the Harvest Moon, 1997 Pelletier, Cathie
Dancing in the Dark: Lessons on Facing Life's Challenges with Courage and Creativity, 1999 Hammer, Randy
Dancing in the Glory, 1996 Johnian, Mona
Danger Downriver (with Emmy West), 1972 Govan, Christine Noble
Dangerous Wildlife in California and Nevada: A Guide to Safe Encounters at Home and in the Wild, 2002 Badger, David
Dangerous Wildlife in the mid-Atlantic: A Guide to Safe Encounters at Home and in the Wild, 2001 Badger, David
Dangerous Wildlife in the Southeast: A Guide to Safe Encounters at Home and in the Wild, 2001 Badger, David
Daniel Boone's Echo, 1957  Steele, William O.
Dark and Foggy Night Yates, W. C.
Dark Mirror, Dark Dreams, 1994 Green, Sharon 
Dark Side of the Moon, 2006 Kenyon, Sherrilyn 
Dates From Hell (and a Few Moments Made in Heaven) [with Victoria Jackson], 1998 Harris, Mike
Daughter of Mercy, 2000 Lee, Susie
Davy Crockett's Earthquake, 1956  Steele, William O.
Dawn Song, 1990 Green, Sharon 
Daybreak on the Equator, 1996 Buffett, Jimmy
Daytrippers' Guide to the Natural Wonders of Kentucky: A Guide to Parks, Preserves, and Wild Places, 1997 Lawrence, Ardi
de re Militari: An Edition of the Middle English Prose Translations of Vegetius' Epitoma-rei militaris, 1973 Falwell, Marshall, Jr.
Dead Folks Blues, 1993 Womack, Steven
Dear God, Do You Really See Everything (with Annie Fitzgerald), 2003 Abraham, Ken
Dear God, It's Me Again (with Annie Fitzgerald), 2003 Abraham, Ken
Dear God, Thank You for Making Me Special (with Annie Fitzgerald), 2003 Abraham, Ken
Dear God, Thank You for Your Friends (with Annie Fitzgerald), 2003 Abraham, Ken
Dear Impostor, 2001 Place, Michelle Nicole
Dear Impostor, 2001 Zach, Cheryl Byrd
Death Records of Bedford County, Tennessee (compiled), 1984 Lynch, Louise
Death Records of Williamson County, Tennessee (compiled). 1983 Lynch, Louise
Decision and Other Stories, 1995 Pelletier, Cathie
Defining Baptist Convictions: Guidelines for the Twenty-first Century (editor), 1996 Deweese, Charles W.
Delectable Mountain, 1962 Govan, Christine Noble
Democracy's lawyer : Felix Grundy of the Old Southwest, 2010 Heller, J. Roderick III
Descendants of Michael Arbogast (ca. 17341812), 5 Vols., 1996 Eades, Charles
Descent of the Dove: Faith Beyond all Belief, 2008 Palmgren, Charlie
Design Secrets: Layout, 2004 Moore, Rodney J.
Designer Genes, 1986 Abraham, Ken
DeSoto, Child of the Sun: the Search for Gold, 1956  Steele, William O.
Destiny's Plan: The Story of a Combination Family, 1982 Gant, A. Mac
Developing Your Children's Church Training Program, 1977 Young, William E.
Devil's Dream, 2009 Bell, Madison Smartt
Dictionary of Event Management (with Carol F. McKibben), 1996 Goldblatt, Joe Jeff
Dictionary of Kpelle, 1981 Thach, Sharon V.
Directory of Williamson County, Tennessee, Burials, Vols. 1 and 2, 1973, 1975 Lynch, Louise
Dirty Money, 2000 Womack, Steven
Discipleship Counseling, 2003 Anderson, Neil T.
DIY Kitchen Chemistry : Simple Homemade Bath & Body Projects, 2011 Fioravanti, Kayla
Dollars and Events: How to Succeed in the Special Events Business, 1999 Goldblatt, Joe Jeff
Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business, 1994 Parton, Dolly Rebecca
Don't Bite the Apple 'Til You Check for Worms: A Survival Guide to Love, Sex, and Singleness, 1994 Abraham, Ken
Don't Call Me Hero (with Jim McGregor), 2003 Boyd, Lucas G.
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