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Meeting Room Gallery:  January

Local artists in all media are invited to exhibit their work in the Meeting Room Gallery. These exhibits change monthly. For information about exhibiting works, artists should call (615)595-1250.

Featured Artist –  Mike Krupek

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Grid Row Exhibit

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Grid Row: January and February

Joanne Miller, Betsy Copley, & Dot Small

Joanne F Miller

During my early fifties I felt a need to pursue something just for me. I took a drawing class from the Williamson County Parks and Recreation Center in 2002 taught by artist Melanie Jackson of Leiper’s Fork. It was grueling. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I had never drawn before, and I had a lot to learn. I studied with Melanie for over twelve years and the confidence it gave me helped propel me into more writing, speaking and art. I have since written two grown-up books and five children’s books and now teach Drawing Basics classes, participate in art shows and encourage others to reach inside to find creative gifts they never knew they had.

I have been married over fifty years to author and career coach, Dan Miller. We have three children and seventeen grandchildren. While my love of drawing is profound, I also enjoy painting with palette knife and acrylic and creating mixed media art.

Betsy Copely

Betsy Copley I began my art career drawing cartoons at age six.  “My father was a ‘weekend’ cartoonist who freelanced his work to the local papers, and my mother studied art at the University of Illinois.  There was always a stack of paper and a coffee can full of pencils and markers around.”  After graduating high school, I attended Old Dominion University, to study with Charles Sibley who headed up the art department there, then the Academie Julian in Paris, France to study Visual Communication and Fine Arts.

My decades long career in graphic design included employment as a window designer in Norfolk, VA, lead designer and photographer in a national presidential campaign in New York, owner of a graphic and pre-press business in Richmond, VA, and finally designer for a printing company in Nashville, TN.

I have been painting for over 40 years, primarily in Genesis oil, watercolor, colored pencil and graphite.  ‘My favorite subjects to paint are animals and birds. All of my paintings are from photos, mostly mine or ones friends have sent me. I always have my camera with me when ever we travel, visit zoos , hiking or just walking.”

Dot Small

I grew up in the London suburbs and spent a lot of time going to art galleries on school trips and week end jaunts with my friends. One of our favorite places to go was the London Tate Gallery. We would sit at one painting and just critique it for about half an hour then move on to an entirely different style and do the same. It is amazing how much rubbish we said and how much sense it seemed to make at the time. We all dreamed of going to art school but. unfortunately our parents had other ideas for us. I still keep in touch with some of my old school friends.

In 1978 when I first moved to the USA I lived in Minnesota and started painting with Oils. While I enjoyed it, it did not give me quite the thrill that Water Color does. I moved to Brentwood in 1983 and did not paint until I started studying with Gail McDaniel at Brentwood United Methodist Church in 1996, later I moved to the Martin Center, where I currently study and play with my artist friends. I am also a member of  The Arts Council of Williamson County,

I have had many opportunities to take workshops and study under wonderful artists such as Mary Whyte of Charleston, Harold Miller, Mary Ann Boyson, Sterling Edwards, Ann Maddox, Tony Couch and Tom Lynch. All these fine artists have taught me something new at each workshop and I still have a long way to go. The latest was a class by John Cannon in Acrylics. Over the past couple of years I switched to Acrylic painting and have enjoyed the challenges.