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Lambreth, Clifton (1960 to Present)

A North Carolinian with a B.S.B.A. in Marketing and Management and an M.B.A. in business from Western Carolina University, Clifton Lambreth finds that his talents also include effective communication in both speaking and writing. He has worked for the Ford Motor Company in different positions for twenty years and has become a leader in the automotive industry. Business knowledge combined with effective communication make him a desirable consultant, invited to be on advisory boards in various fields—academics, health, religion, as well as a speaker across the nation. Clifton produces works on television, writes articles, and has found an imaginative formula for a "business novel" in which he can set forth the ideal principles of any business enterprise within a readable and entertaining framework.

  • Ford and the American Dream (with Mary Calia), 2007Bryan Lane - Where No Sorrows Come

Lane, Bryan W.

Bryan Lane and his family live in Spring Hill, Tennessee, less than one and a half miles from the 'Familiar Road', known so well by the subject of his book, General John Adams. Bryan is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety consultant and trainer for the University of Tennessee.

  • Where No Sorrows Come: The Life and Death of Confederate Brigadier General John Adams, 2014

Lane, William L. (1931 to 1999)

Bill Lane started his education in a two room school in Connecticut and ended as a Harvard Ph.D. After an undergraduate major in English with an honors thesis on William Blake, he entered divinity school where his talent for understanding style and genre in literature enabled him to spend a year as the Christian Research Fellow studying philology at Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion. His scholarly life focused on teaching historical perspectives of the first and second centuries at divinity schools and universities. He also gave generously of his time as a resource person to churches and others in need of his special skills.  Lane came to Williamson County to fulfill a dream. He established the Franklin House Study Center on West Main Street where he taught, wrote, and prayed with others.

  • Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 47(A) Hebrews 1-8; Vol. 47(B) Hebrews 9-13, 1991

Langley, Bobby

Bobby Langley was raised in the post-depression era Franklin when it was still a small Southern town. Bobby beBobby Langleygan a journey from extreme poverty to success as a Williamson county businessman. He became one of the best known athletes in the 1950's at Franklin High School, and still holds several school basketball records. In recent years, Bobby's familiar jersey, number 22, was retired and placed on permanent display at the school, and he was among the inaugural class of inductees into the FHS Sports Hall of Fame. With his father often absent from the household, battling tuberculosis, Bobby learned at an early age how to "fit in"; how to survive in a poor integrated neighborhood while segregation was still the law of the land. It was during this time that he met a kind coach at Battle Ground Academy, J. B. Akin, who let Bobby spend countless hours in the gym. He also honed his shooting skills playing basketball after hours with many of the top African-American players at the nearby County Center, a complex forbidden to black athletes during normal operating hours. Years later, Bobby sat with one of those special friends and relished in the thought that both of their sons, one white and one black, were playing on the same BGA basketball team, and in the same gym where he had spent so many hours.

  • Ruby's Son: A Journey from Poverty to Peace, 2011Joey Lankford - Fulfilled

Lankford, Joey

Joey Lankford and his family left behind all they knew in the US and moved to South Africa to do God's work. Joey has established a profitable agri-business of tunnels/greenhouses producing cucumbers and tomatoes. He also runs a bakery that is starting to take off and teaches some job training courses on campus. He has a heart for business development and job creation. He firmly believes that a hand up is better than a hand out.

  • Fulfilled: The Refreshing Alternative to the Half-Empty Life, 2011

Larkin, Marcene

Marcene Larkin was born and educated in Wichita, Kansas. After college, she taught school, married, and lived in eight states. Two gifts in her life were her two adopted children. When the children were seven and ten, she realized the questions children find hard to ask, so she wrote a book to help children and parents discuss issues. The book led to some workshops.  Larkin moved to Williamson County in 2001, near her son and his wife. She has continued to write and has published both poetry and prose in magazines, books, and reports.

  •  Why Me? An Adoption Story, 1980

Lassus, Joe

Joe Lassus, a Tulane history major, came to Brentwood in 1999 as the Planning and Codes Director. The City of Brentwood was pleased to find a person with both a master's degree in urban planning and a strong sense of history. The City commissioned a book about Brentwood during the Civil War that was completed by Lassus. In doing related research he was able to find Union soldiers' letters and sketches of fortifications around the familiar bridges and railroad lines of the community. Lassus lives in Thompson's Station.

  • Brentwood Tennessee: A Crossroads of the Civil War, 2002

Lawrence, Ardi

Born in Iowa, Ardi Lawrence studied fashion design in New York City. She has made her home in the Nashville area, including Brentwood and Franklin, since 1954. She founded the Fashion Merchandising Program at O'More School of Design, has edited corporate publications and The Tennessee Conservationist, and has written travel and human-interest articles for many publications.

  • Natural Wonders of Tennessee: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places (with H. Lea Lawrence),1999
  • Natural Wonders of Kentucky: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places, 1999
  • Daytrippers' Guide to the Natural Wonders of Kentucky: A Guide to Parks, Preserves, and Wild Places, 1997
  • Natural Wonders of Tennessee: A Guide to Parks, Preserves, and Wild Places (with H. Lea Lawrence), 1994

Lawrence, Felix R.

Dr. Felix Lawrence was born on Lawrence Road at the home of his grandfather, Felix. He grew up in rural Williamson County. His father, Elijah, like his grandfather, was a respected land-owning farmer. Dr. Lawrence graduated from Natchez High School and Tennessee State University where he met his wife. He then studied dentistry and completed his internship at Meharry Medical College. From there he went to Boston University where he received his Ph.D. in Oral Surgery Pathology. His career was spent in Oak Park, Illinois, where he served as Director of the Oral Surgery Program of the University of Illinois for thirteen years and then for Loyola of Illinois. Semi-retired, he and his wife moved back to Williamson County, where Dr. Lawrence opened a practice in Franklin.

  • Lesions of the Jaw Bone (with others), 1983

Lawrence, H. Lea

An avid hunter, fisherman, traveler, and photographer, H. Lea Lawrence was born in Hammond, Indiana. After graduating from East Tennessee State University, he has been a newspaper reporter, feature writer, columnist, chief of public relations for the Tennessee Game and Fish Commission, and co-editor of The Tennessee Conservationist. He has also been active in Outdoor Writers' Association of America, National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, and Great Smoky Mountains Natural History Association.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Small Game and Varmint Hunting, 2002
  • The Ultimate Guide to Bowhunting, 2002
  • A Hemingway Odyssey: Special Places in His Life, 1999
  • Natural Wonders of Tennessee: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places (with Ardi Lawrence), 1999
  • The Fly Fisherman's Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park,1998
  • The Outdoor Photographer's Bible (with Aubrey Watson),1997
  • Natural Wonders of Tennessee (with Ardi Lawrence),1994
  • The Small Game and Varmint Hunter's Bible,1994
  • The Archer's and Bowhunter's Bible,1993
  • Prowling Papa's Waters: A Hemingway Odyssey, 1992

Leach, Tammy T.Tammy T Leach

Tammy Leach is Williamson County born, bred and educated. Having worked all of her adult life in the medical field, she currently works as a pathology assistant. Tammy has a passion for preserving local history and compiling information for the next generation. In Our Legacy, her assorted news articles focus on Robert "Big Buck" Buchanan and Maurice "MVP" Head and are a popular addition to the Special Collections stacks.

  • Our Legacy: Home Town Boys that made big Achievements in the game of Basketball "1980 to 1983," 2017
  • Yes, we can : the 2008-2009 inauguration of the 44th President Barack Obama : Book 1, 2012
  • Four more years : the 2012-2013 inauguration of the 44th President Barack Obama : Book 2, 2012

Lee, EstherEsther Lee - Reindeer in Dixie

Phillip and Esther Lee were inspired to write Reindeer in Dixie after raising real-life reindeer - Sugar Belle and Silver Bells - on their hilltop farm near Nashville, Tennessee. The Lees shared in the joy the reindeer brought to children and adults alike, and were touched by the effect their visits had on all those around them. Their heartfelt experiences were the catalyst for this book and forthcoming stories starring the adorable and ambitious reindeer sisters.

  • Reindeer in Dixie, 2013

Lee, Joyce A. O.

Joyce Lee is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. She has lived in Franklin with her family since 1973. She is a full time writer of fiction and poetry.

  • The Length of a Love Song, 2005

Lee, Martha Broyles (1918 to 1998)

Born in Tennessee, Martha Lee grew up in central Florida and graduated from Florida State College for Women in 1940. She moved to the Lee family farm in Williamson County with her husband, John, where they raised four children. Active in community life, she wrote her memoirs for her children only, but published them after encouragement from friends.

  • My Last Word,1995

Lee, Phillip

Phillip and Esther Lee were inspired to write Reindeer in Dixie after raising real-life reindeer - Sugar Belle and Silver Bells - on their hilltop farm near Nashville, Tennessee. The Lees shared in the joy the reindeer brought to children and adults alike, and were touched by the effect their visits had on all those around them. Their heartfelt experiences were the catalyst for this book and forthcoming stories starring the adorable and ambitious reindeer sisters.

  • Reindeer in Dixie, 2013

Lee, S R. (1932 to Present)S R Lee signing books

Except for a year of study in Denmark and four years of teaching at Tokyo Joshi Daigaku (Tokyo Woman's Christian College) in Japan, Sally Lee has lived in Middle Tennessee on a family farm. Interests in literature and folklore led her to create family documents of some length, incorporating family legends and histories, not genealogy. Occasionally, she has done this type of collection for other families, as well as her own. She has also written poetry in various styles.

  • Spirit of Monterey, 2009
  • Beechville-Then, Now, and In Between, 2006
  • Granny Lindy (with Margaret Killiffer Harris), 2005
  • Out of Obscurity, 2000
  • The Poets of St. Paul's (contributing editor), 2000

Lee, Stellause (1940 to Present)Stellause Lee

Stellasue Lee was born in Spokane, Washington and grew up in Coronado, California. She continued her education over a period of thirty years, earning her Ph.D. at Honolulu University in Hawaii. Her interest in writing began at a time in her life when she thought she was dying and she wanted to tell her story. A renowned published poet she has been recognized for many awards, the most prestigious of which is being twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in poetry. Formerly Poetry Editor of RATTLE, a literary journal, she now holds the position of Editor Emeritus.

She now lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee where she continues her work in private teaching and lecturing at universities and workshops around the country.

  • Firecracker Red, 2010
  • Crossing the Double Yellow Line, 2000
  • After the Fall, 1991
  • Over to You, 1991

Lee, Susie (1935 to Present)

Stricken with polio as a baby, Susie Lee grew up in drastic circumstances. She was a child in China during the Japanese occupation and an older teenager in Korea during the Korean War. Immigrating to America as a young woman, she married, lived in Alaska and New York, and had two children. Surgery on her withered leg was successful and in her pleasure at seeming normal, she became a vocational rehabilitation counselor. In recent years she moved to Franklin to be with her daughter. Her book is an autobiography.

  • Daughter of Mercy, 2000

Lingerfelt, James Russell (1980 to Present)James Russell Lingerfelt

James Russell Lingerfelt is an award winning writer and documentary film maker. Raised on a cattle farm in northeast Alabama (population 1,100), he spent the first twenty years of his life helping his dad and brother maintain the family farm and doctor cattle. Lingerfelt was an average student in high school, yet excelled in literature, gravitating toward the writings of Emerson and Thoreau due to their post-romantic portrayals of the North American countryside. He was involved in the Student Government and started at point guard on the varsity basketball team.

Lingerfelt attended Auburn University, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Family Counseling and minored in 19th century British Literature. His focus followed Romantic and Victorian poetry and the life and theological writings of C.S. Lewis. After befriending international students, Lingerfelt began volunteering with international humanitarian organizations every summer. Early projects included relief work in Jamaica and Romania, medical teams in Mexico, a homeless men's soup kitchen in Scotland, and Arabic Studies while living among Arab-Muslim families in remote areas of North Africa. There, Lingerfelt studied Arabic and Islam under Muslim professors for the purpose of better understanding Christian-Muslim dialogue.

Lingerfelt attended graduate school at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He majored in Theology, and volunteered as a counselor and mentor for juvenile delinquents at Camp David Gonzales in Los Angeles County. While at Pepperdine, Lingerfelt's emphasis was Christian-Muslim Dialogue and post-Enlightenment Theology. Writers and theologians who influenced his spiritual life were Oxford scholar and Bishop of Durham, NT. Wright; the late Yale Chaplain Henri Nouwen; and anti-Nazi, Christian martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. After completing his Masters, Lingerfelt served in campus ministry as a one year interim at Wichita State University, where he studied Patristics (Christian Literature 100-500 C.E.) and the writings of St. Augustine.

Lingerfelt went on to spend a number of months in East Africa, where he counseled genocide refugees in Uganda, and taught as an English teacher at Made-in-the-Streets; a street children's rehabilitation farm in Kenya. Upon returning home and completing a documentary on the street kids, burned out, Lingerfelt resigned from the ministry and academic study. He then applied to work as a ranch hand in northern Colorado. However, after reading The Ragamuffin Gospel by theologian and ex-Franciscan priest, Brennan Manning, Lingerfelt met with Manning at Lake Arrowhead in California, where they had a lengthy conversation concerning purpose in spiritual and third-world poverty. Impacted by this meeting, Lingerfelt has since continued humanitarian efforts (Egypt 2007, Mongolia 2008, Syria 2010, Palestine 2010, Liberia 2011), and was accepted into Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California to prepare for his PhD in Intercultural Studies, where he maintains a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).

Lingerfelt serves on the board of directors for LifeBread and taught two years as a visiting adjunct professor in Theological Studies at Lipscomb University (2007 to 2009). He was awarded the Lily Endowment for his work with street orphans in 2006, and his documentary, Made in the Streets of Africa, is now used as material for human rights and social activist courses in a number of universities across the States including Princeton and Fuller theological seminaries. In 2008, he founded William and Keats Publishing, which publishes a variety of books but caters especially to non-profits to help their organizations raise funds at conferences and conventions. In 2011, the company produced the video series, People Who Make a Difference, which features popular leaders and organizations who engage in humanitarian efforts. Issues have included Korn's Brian Welch, the founders of Habitat for Humanity, and economic development through Hope International's microlending. Lingerfelt writes and directs the films, and they've been featured on popular nonprofit websites across the world.

Lingerfelt's first novel, The Mason Jar, a coming of age love story set in Tennessee, was distributed as a pre-released book in December 2011. The Mason Jar is now available in bookstores worldwide. Lingerfelt worked on the novel for five years. Thus far, there has been a grassroots buzz about the book. Best-selling author Diana Bold said she was "blown away" by The Mason Jar. And award-winning author Nicole Weaver stated in a review, "Lingerfelt's book reads like one long beautiful poem." Lingerfelt received consultation during the book's creation from Brad Cummings, the mastermind and co-creator of the international best-selling book, The Shack.

Today, Lingerfelt spends much of his time in the Nashville/Franklin area partnering with Revolution Pictures, where he is being trained in directing and screenwriting for feature films. He also travels and speaks to audiences nationwide.

  • The Mason Jar, 2011

Linnenbrink, Omerline

  • Omie's Laughs, 2010

Liske, Julie C.

Julie C. Liske was born and raised in rural Appalachia and currently lives in Thompson's Station. She is a clinical dental hygienist and has written articles based on her knowledge of this field. In 2000, she became the mother of a child with severe autism. Living in a remote area with no resources for intervention, by necessity, she designed and implemented a successful home-based behavioral program.

  • In the Eye of the Hurricane: Finding Peace Within the Storm of Autism, 2006

Little, T. Vance (1931 to 2009)T Vance Little

Williamson County native T. Vance Little has an extensive knowledge of the county and its lore. An attorney by profession, he has for many years served as historian for the City of Brentwood. His education includes two degrees from Vanderbilt University and graduate work at Northwestern University and Cambridge University in England. He has served as chairman of the Williamson County Bicentennial Commission, Brentwood Homecoming 1986 Commission, Brentwood Historical Commission, and Trustees of the Endowment for the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities. Little has been president of the Carnton Association and Williamson County Historical Society, as well as holding offices in many other societies interested in historical issues. He has been honored as the Heritage Foundation's "Patron of the Year," Brentwood's "Citizen of the Year," and "Volunteer of the Year." He received the Williamson County Historical Society's Distinguished Service Award and Leadership Brentwood's Civic Award. In 1997, Little was inducted into the Williamson County Authors' Hall of Fame. Mr. Little, at the Age 77, passed away March 20, 2009.

  • When Cotton was King on Concord Road: A History of Brentwood Subdivisions, 1999
  • Historic Nolensville Cemetery, 1998
  • Murder on the Wilson Pike, 1996
  • Granny White and Her Pumpkins and Other Tales of Brentwood, 1993
  • History of the Brentwood United Methodist Church, 1991
  • Historic Brentwood, 1985
  • Legal Terms for the Genealogist, 1980
  • Williamson 101, 1970, revised and republished as Early Families of Northeastern Williamson County, 1996
  • The Hunts of Tennessee, 1969

Lovell, Elizabeth Reid (1914 to Present)

Elizabeth Reid Lovell was born in Pinson, Tennessee. She graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and also received a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia University in New York. She moved to Franklin in 1950. Lovell was a public health nurse for forty years, was assistant director of nursing of the Tennessee State Health Department, and was President of the Tennessee Public Health Association. She has been a member of the Old Glory chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. She was a recipient of the Legends Award. Lovell has continued to write.

  • Something Real Pretty, but…, 2003
  • Four Little Boys, 1993
  • Home Visits in Tennessee by Public Health Nurses, 1983

Lovell, Tina Hood

After growing up in Nashville, Lovell moved to Fairview and later to Franklin. She had written poetry as a child, and after a year of coping with the injury and death of loved ones, she found her feelings emerging in poetic form. When she shared a poem entitled "Battered Women" with the YWCA, she was encouraged to share other poems and to publish. Her volume is comprised of devotional poems accompanied by related commentaries. In addition to her poetry, she has written and sold for a Christian greeting
card company.

  • Arise and Shine, 1996

Luttrell Constance O. (1943 to Present)

Connie Luttrell grew up in the Nashville area and went to the University of Chattanooga (UTC) where she majored in business and minored in theater. She married, began raising a family, and at some point re-entered the work world in a series of positions which led to her current expertise as a Registered Financial Consultant. During these years, she also became a single mother of three with a need to handle family finances in a serious way. Her positions have been administrative assistant in the College of Arts and Sciences at Vanderbilt, legal assistant at a local law firm, then into real estate, and finally working in the investment and insurance arena. Connie was invited to be a contributor to several sections of this book's extensive look at estate planning. The book research focuses on the most important questions that clients ask with answers that give help to create meaningful road maps to clients' wishes about the distribution of their estates.

  • Love, Money, Control, 2004

Lynch, Louise

Louise Lynch was born and reared in Williamson County. She was the first woman in Tennessee to be foreman of a grand jury. She has devoted herself to genealogical research. Lynch established the Williamson County Archives as a major resource for research, first as a volunteer and then as the director of a growing and important collection of historical documents. In 1981, she was named the Lady of the Year by Xi Alpha Sigma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. She was the winner of the 1985 Distinguished Service Award by the Williamson County Historical Society. In 2002 she was awarded the Jane Langston Service Award "for outstanding contributions to the cause of the written word in Williamson County."

  • Williamson County Tennessee, Deed Books C, D, and E,1992
  • Miscellaneous Records, Williamson County, Tennessee, Volumes 1 through 9, 1973, 1992
  • Williamson County, Tennessee, Deed Books A-1, A-2, and B, Volume 1, 1992
  • Excerpts from Newspapers, Williamson County, Tennessee, 1822 to 1835, 1985
  • Survey and Entry Book, 1824 to 1902, 1985
  • The Martin-Barnhill Families (with Susan Roberson), 1985
  • Death Records of Bedford County, Tennessee (compiled), 1984
  • Death Records of Williamson County, Tennessee (compiled). 1983
  • Middle Tennessee Crossroads, Volumes 1 through 5, 1981
  • 1840 Census of Williamson County, 1980
  • Rutherford County, Tennessee, Record book A, No. 1, 1804 to 1814, 1980
  • Williamson County, Tennessee, Marriage Records, 1851 to 1879, 1979
  • Cemetery Records of Smith County, Tennessee, 1978
  • Early Obituaries of Williamson County, Tennessee (abstracted), 1977
  • Our Valiant Men, 1976
  • County Court of Williamson County, Tennessee, Lawsuits, 1821 to 1872, Books 2 to 8 (abstracted), 1975
  • Directory of Williamson County, Tennessee, Burials, Volumes 1 and 2, 1973, 1975
  • Tax Book I, Williamson County, Tennessee 1800 through 1813, 1971
  • Record Book, Letters of Administration, No. 1, 1838 through 1855, (abstracted), 1971
  • Wills and Inventories of Williamson County, Books 1 and 2, 1800 through 1818 (abstracted), 1969,1971, 1992
  • Bible Records, Williamson County, Volumes 1 and 2, 1800 through 1818, 1970
  • Cemetery Records
  • Moonshine and Murder: Crimes of Williamson County, Tennessee

Lynn, Charles (1954 to Present)

Charles Lynn spent his childhood in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He attended several colleges in the U.S. and traveled abroad where he studied at Hebrew University in Israel. He then lived and traveled in the Middle East for twenty-two years. Then he returned to his family roots in Tennessee and made Williamson County his home because he found it to be such a creative community.

  • Why the Nations Rage, 2003
  • Healing the Land (with Winkie Pratez), 1993