How do I set READS to the Kids and Teens interface?

There are two interfaces in the Overdrive READS via a PC - click on Kids or Teens to switch to either of them. Each interface displays the titles marked as appropriate for the age groups by the books’ publishers.  The option to return to the Main Collection is in the upper left corner.

In the OverDrive app, look for the menu button with 3 horizontal lines (or hamburger in the near the books icon for your shelf on the right) and tap on that. Then tap on Kids or Teens. The option to return to the Main Collection is the first option back in the menu button (hamburger).

Once you visit the Kids or Teens portal, your device will remember your preference, until you clear the cache in your browser or click to return to the Main Collection. T

For Libby, use the audience filters to limit the types of content seen while browsing and searching your library’s digital collection: 

  1. Tap Preferences in the very first blue bar on the left, opposite the Explore option.
  2. Under Audience, select the type of content you want to be seen. You can choose one or more of these filters:
    • Juvenile: Fiction and nonfiction titles for children.
    • Young adult: Fiction and nonfiction titles for young adults (teens).
    • General adult: General fiction and nonfiction.
    • Mature adult: Fiction and nonfiction for readers over the age of 18 (for example, erotic literature).

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