What is hoopla Flex and hoopla Instant?

hoopla flex borrow icon with two arrows making a circle loop With hoopla Flex—signified by revolving arrows—you can borrow titles marked Available or place a hold with just a click for a title marked Wait List. hoopla will notify you when it becomes available. You now have five hoopla Flex borrows to use at any given time. If you ever run out of hoopla Flex borrows, simply return one Flex title and select a new one.  Items available for hoopla Flex borrowing have an icon with two arrows in a circle or loop in the top left.

hoopla instant borrow icon with a lightning bolt

hoopla Instant offers audiobooks, eBooks, comics, movies, music, television, and more—all in the same app. hoopla Instant titles—identified by a lightning bolt—are always available to immediately stream or download with no wait. You can use five hoopla Instant borrows each month.  These items have an icon with a lightning bolt in the upper left. 

photo comparison of a flex and instant item in the hoopla app showing the icons in upper left

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